Waterloo Hunt Club

Masters of Foxhounds:  Sally A. Stommen - Patricia Harris - Arlene Taylor

Waterloo Hounds hunt twice a week, Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, September through April 15th. Plenty of fox entertain themselves today with a good chase leading hounds for miles before going to ground. The chase leads through thick woods on narrow paths with single file jumping, harrowing but exciting runs over thousands of state land recreational acres available to the Club to hunt.

Because the terrain is sometimes hilly and the pace fast, riders should be competent at negotiating sharp turns and steep slopes at speed, often while ducking low on the horse's back to avoid branches. For riders who are unsure of their own or their horse's ability to follow the hounds in this manner, a few less demanding options are available.

Huntsman: Joseph Cook

An excellent option for green or unfit horses is the "hill topping" group. This group, usually led by a veteran member, follows at a slower pace and avoids jumping.

Members may also bring their horses to the Hunt Club on non hunting days for trail rides on designated riding trails in the Waterloo State Recreational Area to school and train their horses. (Trails leading over private property and other State Recreational land may only be used by the hunt on hunting days). A seasoned member is almost always available to accompany new members on schooling trail rides to be sure that they learn the proper areas they are allowed to ride.

During the non-hunting season, WHC members have organized trail rides in order to get green horses fit and to provide them with experience in a smaller group until they are ready to hunt.

The Waterloo Clubhouse, the focal point of social activities, provides a warm retreat after the hunt. Members gather around the fire for a drink and then enjoy a hot meal together. It is a place where non-hunting spouses and/or children can entertain themselves in comfort while waiting for hunters to return. The Clubhouse is also the venue for other social events held by the hunt throughout the year such as the Lobster Broil, Neighborhood Picnic, Christmas Party, etc.

The Club has hosted horse shows from its beginning, sponsoring those of the Jackson Riding Club in the 40s. The Club's Shows attract riders from all over the Midwest, as well as other Michigan Hunt Clubs- Grosse Pointe, Battle Creek, Bloomfield and Metamora. Waterloo Hunt Club sponsors two National rated hunter/jumper shows, several dressage shows, and hunter trials. Members enjoy helping at these major fund raising events.

Waterloo Hunt is a family oriented traditional hunt club located in Michigan's Waterloo Recreation Area. We have crossbred foxhounds at our kennels and ride twice a week, September through April. We have approximately sixty family memberships and riders of all ages enjoy "riding to the hounds". Prospective members are encouraged to try it without obligation - contact us for details.. 

Waterloo Hunt Club was organized in 1941. Land was purchased, hounds acquired, and people trucked horses into the Waterloo Recreational Area to foxhunt regularly. In 1946, the present site at Katz and Glenn Roads was acquired with buildings suited to be kennels and a clubhouse. The Club's current facility is some 60 acres which includes the clubhouse, horse show grounds with stabling for 200 horses, cross country course, kennels, huntsman's house and a 20 stall hunt barn and pastures.